Loan Officer

As an Indiana University Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Management through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, I have learned many things.  During my time at Indiana University, I have developed organizational, disciplinary, and personable skills.  Punctuality and efficiency are two things I pride myself in when committing to any job.

Throughout school, whether it be elementary school or college, I have always found myself to be a leader beyond compare.  I have grown up where it is important to take charge when others are standing around waiting for something to happen.  Instead of waiting for direction, I like to jump on a task and make sure it is getting done effectively and efficiency; however, guidance is also very important to me.  I like tasks to be delegated so I can prioritize my assignments and get them done adequately.

Starting my adventure as a loan officer has been a very exciting time for me.  My father has been in the mortgage industry my entire life and has really shown me the positives and negatives of it.  Having grown up at Century Mortgage Company, I look forward to beginning my career in helping others.  There may be ups and downs in the industry, but my promise to anyone I work with, is that we will work through those ups and downs together.  Together, we will find the best possible solution to whatever is put in front of us.  My goal is to make home-buying experiences and refinances go as smoothly and quickly as possible.  

 I have watched my dad grow in the mortgage industry and now it is my turn.  Apply below to get the ball rolling on your mortgage today!

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