A Nest of Their Own

Nest post picKids, friends or some other bird renting a nest or still in yours? Today’s real estate market has been primed for them to build a nest of their own. In fact, owning today could be more affordable than renting. Rates are still near historic lows and we can help break down all the options for them. We’ll sit with them, look at their individual situation, and get them the help they need to fly out on their own.

Here are some topics our Loan Officers commonly have discussions about with young or new buyers:

  • Credit
  • Co-signing
  • Downpayment Assistance
  • Gifts vs. Personal Loans (for down payments)
  • Importance of pre-approval
  • Avoiding certain buying habits once approved until home is closed
  • Escrows
  • PMI (and how to avoid paying it)