Cole Cuddy

Cole Cuddy

Loan Officer

While at the University of Kentucky, Cole originally planned to graduate as an education major. However her decided to finish as a Finance major. As it turns out, education is still a big part of his mission at Century.

“When I was in school, I was afraid if I went into finance, I would end up at a job where I sat at a desk and crunched numbers all day. But nothing could be farther from the truth,” Cole said. “I consider my position with Century a dream come true, because I get to use the skills I developed not just to participate in the industry that interests me, but also guide Kentuckians of all kinds through the mortgage process. Working with first-time buyers (as well those who are still a little confused even if they’ve bought a home before) is always a joy to me, because in a sense I get to take an educational role as I support people through one of the most momentous decisions of their lives,” he added.

Cole grew up in Danville and Harrodsburg, and became a loan officer for Century after spending some time in the insurance industry. Call him if you are looking for a partner that is focused helping you make smart decisions with your mortgage.

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